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Wellington Primary School
Gifted and talented children

Our Vision

To create a rich and balanced learning culture where all have access to a high quality education that develops and challenges the individual academically, morally, spiritually and culturally. To provide a stimulating, high quality learning experience within a safe and happy environment where participants develop skills and knowledge for today and tomorrow.


Gifted and Talented children at Wellington demonstrate a consistent high level of ability or potential ability beyond what is expected for a child of that age in one or more subjects.

Gifted: ‘Gifted’ refers to a child who has demonstrated a significantly higher level of ability in one or more academic curriculum areas. For example in literacy or numeracy.

Talented: ‘Talented’ refers to a child who excels in the artistic and creative subjects or Physical Education.

At Wellington we believe that some children have special abilities and nurturing these is our responsibility. As a school the first step in meeting these requirements is identification. We use a range of strategies to identify Gifted and Talented children. The identification is ongoing and pupil profiles begin when the child joins the school. As children progress through the school, we assess them regularly to ensure that they are making the progress expected in their personal targets. Parents have the opportunity at any time to discuss their child’s progress. Teachers report regularly on each child’s progress, achievement and attainment to parents in parent consultation evenings and summer reports. If your child is currently participating in a club outside of school and is achieving well, we would appreciate it if you could contact their class teacher or the Gifted and Talented coordinator to inform them of their achievements.

As well as identification of Gifted and Talented children class teachers offer an enriched, differentiated curriculum for all. Class teachers achieve this by setting high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils. Set goals that stretch and challenge pupils of all backgrounds, abilities and disposition. Class teachers monitor the progress of all children and try to differentiate work for all pupils to extend their social, emotional and academic ability of all through their planning. We work with all children and those who are more able to foster their learning alongside their particular area of high ability. We aim to work with these children to develop their skills and attainment. When necessary we seek support from the Local Authority or other outside agencies to provide appropriate extension programmes. The school and Gifted and Talented coordinator regularly provide opportunities for outside agencies to work with

children of all abilities and extend those who are more able. Examples of this provision include able writing workshops with famous authors, working with secondary schools as part of the Hounslow working group and trips and visits to local museums and attractions.

As a school we plan and cater for the needs of all pupils and abilities and those who are more able. Staff have a responsibility to ensure that all children and the most able are being challenged and making the expected progress. Teachers also personalise learning for all pupils preventing underachievement and countering disadvantage. Children are regularly monitored and evaluated ensuring that they are challenged and achieving their full potential through their time at Wellington Primary School.