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Wellington Primary School
Full Return to School March 2021- Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will the children be in their class with teacher and teaching assistant?

A. Yes- the children will be in their class with teacher and teaching assistant. Some staff are shielding until March 31st and we will inform parents of those classes who have teachers shielding. (Emerald and Amber)

Q. How will the children be seated within the classroom?

A. Children in the infant and junior school will sit at a desk facing the front of the classroom. Children will sit in pairs and will not face each other. Each child will have their own zipped wallet with individual equipment to minimise the risk of sharing items. Juniors can bring in their own pencil case but it will need to stay at school.

Q. Will the children be in bubbles?

A. We aim to keep the children in year group bubbles for playtimes and lunchtimes. They will remain in their class group as much as possible including for lunchtimes either in the hall on a separate table or in their own classroom. High traffic areas and toilets will be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day. The juniors will use the toilets off each of the classrooms and the Infant and Early Years children will use allocated year group toilets. Children will be washing their hands frequently throughout the day and hand gel will be used on entry and exit to the classroom.

Q. Will the children be wearing school uniform?

Yes – all children to return to school in full uniform as usual.

Q. Will there be hot school meals?

A. We will provide hot school meals in the usual way in the school hall, but each year group and class will be allocated separate places and sittings in the lunch halls over the lunch period. Please look on the website for the current menu choices. Junior and 30-hour Nursery pupils will need to top up their lunch accounts. Meals are £2.35 but free for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Please apply for free school meals if you meet the criteria via the school office.

Q. Will milk and / or fruit still be offered in the EYFS and Infant school and what about snacks?

A. Milk will continue, please sign up via Cool milk on our website. There will be fruit for children in the infant school as usual.

Q. What happens if my young child has a toilet accident?

A. Please bring in a sealed bag with a change of clothes for your child which can be kept on their peg for this emergency.

Q. Can I talk to the class teacher at the classroom door as usual?

A. No. Please contact the teacher through their email, Google Classroom, Tapestry or via email. Parents will need to adhere to social distancing guidance and follow one way routes in and out of the school. To keep everyone safe we need to limit groups of adults on the school site.

Q. Will school start and end at the same times?

A. There will be staggered starting and end times with soft starts to ensure we minimise large groups of adults and children on site to reduce contact.

Year Group

Drop Off






8:45- 9:00

3:00- 3:15

Year 1  & Year 2

8:45- 9:00

3:00- 3:15

Year 3  & Year 4

8:45- 9:00

3:15- 3:30

Year 5 & Year 6


3:15- 3:30


Please follow the one way systems to minimise contact with other adults.

Q. Will breakfast and aftercare be open?

A. Breakfast and Aftercare will open but with some restrictions in place. Mrs Rajah and her team will communicate the changes shortly and book regular children in from the 8th March. Aftercare and Breakfast Care will be operating from Ash class in the Reception area of the school from September. Please enter through the main entrance.

Q. Can my child wear a face mask and bring hand gel?

A. We are not expecting children to wear face masks, as recommended by government guidelines.  If a child has symptoms- they should not be at school.  We will not however say ‘no’ should you wish them to wear one. Although these will need to be changed or washed daily and ones they have worn to school should be handed back to their parent before entering the building.

We have hand gel in each classroom and around the school. Children can bring in their own named small bottle if they would like to and tissues. These can be kept in their individual zipped wallet. We will be asking the children to wash their hands frequently throughout the day and using hand gel on entry and exit to school.

Q. Will the staff and parents be wearing face masks?

A. All parents to wear masks on the school site. Welfare staff and first aiders may use protective equipment, PPE, when dealing with injuries or unwell children. Staff will all be doing covid tests twice a week to pick up any asymptomatic individuals. Staff will be wearing masks in communal areas and corridors.

Q. Do the children bring PE and book bags?

A. Children should wear PE kits on PE days. Packed lunches can be brought in but clearly labelled with the child’s name on them and disinfected each day at home. Books will be wiped down after being sealed in a box for a week.

Q. Can my child bring in a water bottle?

A. Water bottles should be brought in but clearly labelled with your child’s name on.

Q. Can Year 6 bring their mobile phone in?

A. Yes, if absolutely required, but they will be kept in a zipped wallet and given back to the children at the end of the day.

Q. Can I come into the office if I have a query?

A. Only in an emergency. All contact will be through telephone calls or email as much as possible. We are limiting adults coming onto the premises and ask that you phone or email as much as possible.

Q. Is it compulsory for children to attend school?

A. Current government guidance is that all children should be in school from the 8th March and no further remote learning will be in place other than for homework.

Q. How will I know if other families and staff in the school have been following quarantine rules after returning from overseas?

A. School staff  are tested weekly to ensure they do not currently have the virus. We would encourage everyone in our community to follow the latest guidance regarding quarantine after travelling abroad. If anyone has symptoms, then they must get tested within the first 5 days and self-isolate for at least10 days from when your symptoms started. If you live with others, all other household members who remain well must stay at home and not leave the house for 10 days.  Please let the school office know your children will be isolating and keep us informed so that we can keep everyone safe. Also let the office know if you are in a quarantine hotel and your return date.

Please help the community stay as safe as possible by following the latest Covid guidance.

Q. What will happen if a child or adult displays symptoms of Covid 19?

A. The child will be isolated with a member of staff with appropriate PPE and we ask parents to collect as soon as possible. Following a negative test result the child or adult can return to school. Adults will be asked to leave the school site and be tested also if they display symptoms. Please do not bring your child into school if they are unwell and have any of the symptoms. Please follow the latest Covid government guidance and if a member of the family has tested positive or has symptoms then the children should isolate too. Young children often have no symptoms but are positive when tested with the rest of the household.