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Wellington Primary School

Young carers


At Wellington Primary School we are committed to identifying and supporting Young Carers that attend our school. We recognise that these young people may need some extra support. By running a Young Carers group in school, we aim to give children protected time to explore any issues they may be having, with others in a similar situation. It also gives them some protected time to let loose and ‘be a kid’ without the additional worries that they usually have. During the group we play games together, undertake craft or cooking activities, finish homework, etc. The children also have easy access to talk quietly to a trusted adult about issues which may be worrying them.

A young carer is a child or young person who has a caring role and/or is affected emotionally by a family member. It is not always easy helping or caring for someone, especially if you are a young person.

This family member may be a parent, sibling or grandparent.

The person they look after may be:

  • Very ill
  • Disabled
  • Elderly

Or have:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental health issues
  • Alcohol or drug addiction or other serious health concerns.


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