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Members of staff

Although your child will have the most contact with their class teacher and nursery
nurse, there are plenty of other staff who you and they will come into contact with.
Here’s an over-view to help you get to know who does what.

Leadership team

The head teacher runs the school, helped by the deputy head teacher. The deputy head has

their own class to teach.

Headteacher                Mrs D. Norton

Deputy Head                Miss A. Gaffney

Assistant Headteacher      Mrs K. Kahlon

Class teacher
Each class at primary school, from Nursery to Year 6, has its own teacher so your child will
have one teacher who they see each day in class.

Ash Class                  Teacher
Oak Class                  Miss F McIntrye
Language Assistant         Mrs N. Evans
                           Mrs P. Chandrashekar

School office
The administrative staff are in the school office, and they are parents’ first port of call if there
is anything you need to ask. Children also report to the office if they are feeling unwell or have
an accident during playtime.

Administrative Officers:           Miss G. Reynolds and Mrs R. Koundu
Children & Parent Welfare Officer  Mrs M. Hobbs

Learning Support Assistants
Learning support assistants (LSAs) support children and teachers in the classroom by helping
with activities or working with groups of children.

SMSA’s (dinner ladies)
SMSA’s are on duty during lunch time to supervise, interact with and give first aid to the

Educational welfare officers
Educational welfare officers work with families and school staff if poor attendance or
punctuality is affecting a child’s learning. Mrs Sheikh is our Education Welfare Officer.

Special education needs coordinator (SENCO)
SENCOs are responsible for making sure children with special educational needs receive the
help they need at school. Mrs L. Gleeson is our SENCO.

Educational psychologist
Educational psychologists come into schools to help children who are having particular
difficulties with their learning in school. They work with children, teachers and families.
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