Page 2 - Reception Booklet 2015
P. 2

To Wellington Primary School!

Starting school in Reception is another memorable occasion for both you
and your child. Your child will have new routines to get used to and new
information to take in, to enable them to have a successful experience, which
will allow them to flourish into lifelong learners.

This booklet is here to help you and your
child settle in to this new stage in their life.
It gives you some reminders about the
school system, explains what your child
will be doing at school and gives you tips
so you can help them get the most out of
their time there.

The school can offer support and guidance
for you as a parent. Your child’s teachers
will play an important role in your child’s life. They will always be happy to talk to you
about how your child is progressing, answer queries and listen to any concerns you
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