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Attendance and Holidays

Educational welfare officers: Educational welfare officers work with families and school

staff if poor attendance or punctuality is affecting a child’s learning. Mrs A. Sheikh is our
Education Welfare Officer.

Every day matters: Children who miss school regularly find it difficult to keep up with

schoolwork and can start falling behind. Plus, missing out on the social side, especially at
primary school, can make it more difficult for children to make and keep friends.

Problems with attendance: As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure your child

attends school regularly and, by law, it’s an offence to fail to do so. Sometimes, though, for a
number of reasons, a parent can find it difficult to get their children to school every day. If
you’re struggling to ensure your child attends school each day, whatever the reason, talk to
the class teacher about how the school can help.

100% Attendance: This year the school has introduced a raffle! If you child achieves 100%

attendance for the whole school year your child will be entered into a raffle on the last day of
term for the chance to win an iPad mini!


It is also important that your child arrives at school on time for morning registration. If your
child is late you will be asked to walk around the outside of school and sign them in at the
office. Persistent lateness is monitored and can be referred to the Education Welfare Officer at
Hounslow Council.

Sickness: If your child is ill, please contact the school before 9am on the first morning of your

child’s illness, as the staff will be concerned if they do not hear from you.
020 8570 6130 - Press 1
If your child has a cold or a cough they should be brought into school, and calpol can be given
for slight temperatures.

Appointments: Doctors’ appointments should be made after school hours. Dental and

opticians check-ups must be booked during school holidays except for emergencies e.g. a
filling breaking or falling out. If your child does have an appointment in the middle of the day
please bring them in before and after the appointment as a missed session will affect their

Holidays: It’s important to us that our children get the best possible education, so our policy

is not to authorise term-time holidays. If there’s a reason you want to take your child out of
school during term time, even if it is for just one day, you must fill in a request form. Only
schools can authorise absences. If they do not and you still take your child out of school, this
period of leave will be marked down as unauthorised on your child’s attendance record. When
term-time leave is taken the details will be forwarded on to the Local Authority who will issue
a Fixed Penalty Warning Letter. If a second period of leave is taken the Local Authority will
automatically issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine). The current fine is £60 per parent per child.
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