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Top tips for settling in

During the summer holiday: There are certain things you can start making sure your child
can do well before they start in Reception. This will help them feel confident at school and
manage their new routine.

Get dressed and fasten their shoes on their own: Your child will need to take their clothes
on and off for PE, so please show them how to do this now and expect them to dress and
undress themselves every day from now on. They will also need to remove their shoes and
socks for some activities and when they play outside and change into wellington boots for
outdoor play. Some shoes are easier than others for them to manage, such as those with
Velcro straps.

Choose a sensible lunch and use cutlery properly: Some Reception children are not used
to choosing what to eat, so please talk to them about taking a balanced meal. They also need to
be able to use a knife, fork and spoon by themselves. Please show your child how to hold them
correctly if you have not already done so and how to cut food on their own.

During the first few weeks in September: Some children settle in straight away, but others
will take a while to get used their new routine. Here are some ways that you can help your
child settle in at school as smoothly as possible.

Talk to your child about what is going to happen when they start:
Home visits: Some children will have a home visit if they found it difficult to settle in to the
nursery or if there are any specific needs to be discussed.

Week One: 09.00 – 11.50
The children will attend for the morning only. A small group of children will start each day and
the class will be completed by Friday.

Week Two: 09.00 – 13.30
The children will stay for the lunchtime and a short session in their classroom.

Week Three: 09.00 – 15.20
The children will now attend the school full-time.

Starting school full-time is very tiring: It’s important for your child to have a regular
bedtime, which isn’t too late.

Give them a healthy breakfast: They will need it to concentrate.

Please make every effort to be in on time: It is important for the children to start the
session together at 9.00am.

Breakfast club and aftercare: Mrs Rajah and her team run a breakfast club from 8.00-
8.55am (£2.50) and aftercare from 3.20-5.30pm (£6.50). Registration forms can be collected
from the School office.
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