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Wellington Primary School


Our curriculum aims to develop each child individually as an artist through the teaching of a progression of key skills in drawing, printing and textile work alongside investigative and evaluative skills. Pupils have frequent opportunities to extend and develop these skills alongside other curriculum areas such as ICT and Topic.

The study of a wide range of artists, craftspeople and designers, including Wassily Kandinsky, Diego Rivera and William Morris, introduces children to the various periods of art and promotes an awareness of the richness of the art world. This offered diversity will undoubtedly lead to pupils’ continued appreciation of artistic works and techniques in the future.

Furthermore Wellington pupils have regular opportunities to extend their learning in art through educational visits to local galleries and museums. The many extra-­curricular clubs that are also available to children, including photography club and arts and craft club, enable children to not only extend their skills but also to develop a love of art.

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