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Wellington Primary School


Music is an important part of our school life. We are incredibly proud of our musical talents, performing at a variety of different events throughout the year.

Children have the opportunity to enjoy musical experiences through listening, singing, movement and dance and by playing tuned and un-tuned percussion.

As well as regular class music sessions, all Year 3 pupils learn to play the recorder through the ‘Wider opportunities School Music partnership’ programme. All Year 5 pupils also have the opportunity to learn to play brass instruments.

Pupils in Years 3 to 6 are also offered tuition in guitar and violin by the Hounslow Music Service Peripatetic Music Staff, depending upon availability.

Key Stage 2 Pupils are welcome to join the school choir, who perform annually at the Hounslow Music Service Summer Music Festival at Hammersmith Town Hall. They also sing carols at various events, including the Christmas Fayre and at the local residential care home.

Pupils from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 recently participated in our Pop UK event, held at St Paul’s Church in Hounslow West.

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