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Wellington Primary School


As a staff we work hard to present lessons in an appealing and stimulating way, encouraging children to actively participate in their learning process. Concrete objects and resources are used to both consolidate learning and move it forward.

Mental maths is of high importance. Each day dedicated time is used to develop and progress children’s mental maths strategies, so they feel confident in their own skills when tackling a variety of mental maths challenges and questions.

Numeracy is taught through a daily maths lesson, with each lesson being carefully planned so each child both progresses and reaches their full potential.

Class teachers also plan for opportunities to develop and apply key mathematical skills in other subjects across the curriculum. In September 2014 the new primary curriculum will be introduced and as a school we have developed a programme of study to ensure thorough coverage of all the relevant objectives.

As a school we believe all children should feel confident in their mathematical ability, embracing the subject all the way from nursery to Year 6.

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