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Wellington Primary School

Physical Education

PE has continued to develop at Wellington with one hundred percent of pupils receiving two or more hours of quality physical education per week. Sports clubs have continued to be a focus across the school. Furthermore, we have now broadened the range of ages of children participating in these clubs. Overall, we have again increased participation in sport across the school.

We have achieved the Bronze School Games Kitemark for our commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport and are well on the way to achieving the Silver award.

Teachers continue to be involved in the running of a number of sports clubs such as netball, cycling, cricket and rounders. Fully qualified coaches have also been brought into school to deliver high quality coaching at very successful and popular after school sports clubs. We now have an established gymnastics, football, basketball and Judo clubs. We have provided free tennis coaching for Year 2 with fully qualified LTA coaches from Dukes Meadow, rugby coaching from the Harlequins coaching staff for Year 4 and basketball coaching for Year 5.

Wellington has also increased the number of hours that the Year 4 children swim per week. In previous years each child has spent 30 minutes in the pool which has now increased to 1 hour, this is to achieve the new criteria of being able to swim 25m unaided by the end of a child’s primary school life.

An increasing number of Wellington pupils, in particular; children who would not have normally experienced such activities, have had the opportunity of representing their school in a wide range of Intra-school competitions. Wellington will be represented at borough sports days covering age ranges from Year 2 to Year 6. Wellington has also been represented at boy’s football, Hi Five netball, athletics, gymnastics and cricket tournaments.

Wellington shall be continuing the theme of ‘healthy living’ within school, promoting a healthy diet, lifestyle and activity to the children so that they have an increased understanding and participation in the topic. A ‘Change 4 Life’ club has been started to target children in the school: to change behaviours around key health areas (including healthy eating, physical activity & social/emotional development), attract & engage less active children in moderate to vigorous activity on a regular basis through ‘multi-sport’ activities, establish a culture of regular attendance and participation, develop confidence & competence in these young children and develop a real sense of belonging to the club.

Wellington has continued its commitment to promoting excellence in PE teaching through training and support of its staff. Wellington has used its strong links with Sport Impact to introduce individual training and support for staff, created a new curriculum map and created an action plan.

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