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Wellington Primary School

English as an additional language

Statement of commitment 

At Wellington Primary School we recognise and value our pupil’s home language, background, and the valuable contribution that every pupil who speaks English as an additional language brings to our school. 

With over 70 languages being spoken in our school and with approximately 90% of our students having English as an Additional Language (EAL), we are committed to providing tailored support to ensure all learners can achieve their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally. Our EAL policy outlines our approach to promoting inclusive practices and supporting the unique needs of our EAL learners. 

Our Aims

At Wellington Primary our aim is to create an inclusive learning environment where EAL learners feel valued, respected, and supported.  We aim to fulfill this by -

  • ensuring equitable access to the curriculum and all school activities is available for all EAL learners.
  • providing high-quality teaching and learning experiences that address the linguistic and cultural needs of EAL learners.
  • facilitating language development and academic progress for EAL learners.
  • fostering positive relationships between the school, EAL learners, and their families.

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Provision

Our Curriculum at Wellington has been designed with our children and their families in mind. The curriculum is enriched with multicultural and multilingual perspectives to celebrate diversity and promote cultural understanding among all students. Teachers employ a variety of instructional strategies to accommodate the diverse language abilities of EAL learners, including differentiated instruction, visual aids, and language support materials.  In addition, additional language support is provided through pre teaching sessions, targeted interventions, small group work, and one-to-one support sessions. We are dedicated to providing our staff with the necessary support and resources to effectively meet the needs of our EAL learners. 

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