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Wellington Primary School


The teaching and learning of history at Wellington primary is rich and relevant. History is taught in a cross-­curricular way with links made through art, dance, ICT and literacy, and taught through investigation of historical source (both primary and secondary) and in depth historical questioning. Equally, role-­play, drama and frequent museum visits really help bring history to life!

The rich and relevant history curriculum begins as part of knowledge and understanding of the world in reception, and is moved on in KS1, in which it is taught through historical events and significant people from history, focusing on how these people and events are relevant to us today (such as the British seaside, how it’s changed from the past to the present, and how Florence Nightingale’s discoveries are critical to our knowledge of sanitation today). In KS2 the focus turns to periods of history; the units taught and learnt include some ancient history (such as the Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks), British history (such as the Victorians and the effect of the Romans in Britain), and local history (of Hounslow and the surrounding area). A high-­quality history education equips pupils with various life-­skills, such as being able to think critically, develop coherent arguments, and developing children’s understanding of chronology. As well as this, in learning and exploring history, children develop a sense of perspective about the past and present in the world around them. These historical skills are all developed as children move through the school, and will be useful to them throughout their education and their life.

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