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Wellington Primary School

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC)

What is Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education?

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) is not taught as a discreet subject in itself but rather it pervades all aspects of learning and aims to ensure our children learn to develop attitudes and beliefs that will make them well-rounded, tolerant, respectful, open-minded and informed future citizens.

To support spiritual development we:

  • Learn about ourselves, others and the world around us to experience fascination, awe and wonder
  • Reflect on our own beliefs and explore the feelings, values and beliefs of others to develop empathy and respect
  • Using imagination and creativity in our learning

To support moral development we:

  • Investigate values and ethical issues to develop our own moral principles
  • Explore behaviours and their consequences in order to recognise right and wrong choices and legal boundaries
  • Have a range of opportunities to express our own views and understand that others may hold different views or beliefs

To support social development we:

  • Experience a range of social situations to develop personal qualities and social skills
  • Participate in co-operative debate, discussion and role play that promotes the skills of effective conflict resolution
  • Appreciate the rights and responsibilities of individuals within the wider social setting (families, school, local and wider communities) to develop understanding of how communities and societies function

To support cultural development we:

  • Explore our own culture and the culture of others to develop understanding and respect for diversity
  • Participate and respond to a repertoire of music, art, sport, literature and cultural opportunities in order to develop a sense of personal enrichment and appreciation of culture
  • Learn about our democratic parliamentary system and its role in shaping our values
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