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Wellington Primary School
Special educational needs

All children at Wellington Primary School are valued and respected whatever their additional educational need. We will support their learning and ensure they are fully included in all school activities, making full use of externally provided facilities where appropriate. The school works closely with advisory teachers from Hounslow Local Authority. Further information about support from the LA can be found here:

Listed below is a brief overview of the various additional programmes we deliver to support all learners, where appropriate. A pupil must fulfill strict criteria in order to be considered for each intervention. If you wish to discuss your child’s support programmes please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Gleeson (SENDCO) or Miss Koundu (Assistant SENDCO).

Mrs Louise Gleeson SENDCO
0208 570 6130

Miss Koundu Assistant SENDCO

Speech and Language
Pupils can have difficulties producing sounds correctly or communicating effectively. The school works closely with a commissioned Speech Therapist to assess and support pupils with these needs. In addition, children can have been referred by the school or by a medical professional to be assessed by the Speech and Language Therapy Service at Bath Road.

Pupils having difficulties in this area can participate in activities to support speech sound production or take part in speech therapy sessions. The school also runs a talk group to support communication in younger pupils.

Reading Recovery and BRP (Boosting Reading Potential)
Reading Recovery is a well-established intervention scheme for children with reading difficulties.

The programme provides daily half-hour sessions with our specially trained Reading Recovery teacher, Mrs Read.

BRP is an intervention programme that focuses on reading, phonics, spelling and handwriting.

These sessions have been developed by Mrs Read. Pupils receive regular one to one support from a teaching assistant.

Mathematics Programmes
Pupils who are not making expected progress in mathematics can participate in a mathematics intervention group.

Numicon is a multisensory intervention programme which uses a visual, practical base to support mathematical understanding. Pupils work in small groups using numicon equipment to improve understanding of mathematical concepts.

Power of 2 is a one to one intervention delivered by our teaching assistants. Pupils participate in the programme for ten minutes every day. Power of 2 uses reinforcement and practice to help pupils to make progress in mathematics.

Emotional support
Nurture groups are small, structured teaching groups for pupils showing signs of behavioural, social or emotional difficulties. The children are carefully selected according to their individual profile of needs. Staff then provide a variety of experiences, opportunities, approaches and resources to address these needs within a culture of trust and support. In addition, the school has a trained learning mentor who is able to support pupils who may be experiencing difficulty with some aspects of home or school life.