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Wellington Primary School

Vision and ethos


Our Vision


Right Start - Bright Future

At Wellington we are truly committed to providing your children with the very best and exciting academic experience. We focus specifically on the individual needs, strengths and talents of each and every pupil. We ensure that our curricular provision, including thinking skills, team building, sports, arts, music and clubs, all add up to a rich holistic education.


Our School Aims include:


  • To provide a broad based national curriculum, reflecting traditional values and subjects yet with due emphasis on cognitive learning (thinking skills) and innovation.
  • To promote confidence in every pupil and to encourage them to develop skills as independent learners and to achieve at a level appropriate to their individual abilities.
  • To provide supportive and high quality teaching according due attention to each individual pupil.
  • To encourage pupils to participate in a wide range of opportunities, challenges and experiences.


  • To help pupils develop good inter-personal skills and be sensitive to and show respect for the need and feelings of others.
  • To enable pupils to become responsible members of their multi-cultural community whilst maintaining their individuality against a background of core shared values.
  • To assist pupils in developing self-discipline, self-respect and self-esteem so that they may live their lives with joy and fulfilment in a global society.
  • To give pupils the opportunity to develop sportsmanship, team membership and leadership skills and responsibility according to ability and aptitude.
  • To develop pupils’ awareness of their own rights and rights respecting actions to create an inclusive environment where all pupils are valued and involved.


We continue to contemplate and develop all that we do whilst continuously adapting to the outside world which is changing faster than at any time in the past. We are very proud of our high academic achievements and of the Wellington community in its entirety. We hope that we will be able to share the unique Wellington experience with you and your children.

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