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Wellington Primary School

Children at Wellington enjoy science and learn through an investigative enquiry lead approach. This also consists of applying their writing, maths and ICT skills.

Currently keys stage 1 spends an hour and a half on science per week and key stage 2 spends 2 hours per week.

The overview below shows which topic each year group covers:

Year Group 1

Autumn - Ourselves - Growing Plants.
- Sorting and using materials - Light and Dark.
- Pushes and Pulls - Sound and Hearing.
Autumn Spring Summer

Year Group 2

Autumn - Plants and Animals - Healthy eating
- Variation - Grouping and Classifying materials.
- Forces and movement - Using electricity.

Year Group 3

Autumn -Teeth and eating - Helping Plants grow well.
- Characteristics of Materials - Rocks and soils.
- Magnets and Springs - Light and shadows

Year Group 4

Autumn - Moving and growing - Habitats.
- Keeping warm - Solids and liquids.
- Friction - Circuits and conductors.

Year Group 5

Autumn - Keeping Healthy - Life Cycles.
- Gasses around us - Changing state.
- Earth Sun and Moon - Changing sounds.

Year Group 6

Autumn - Interdependence and adaptation - Micro-organism
- More about dissolving - Reversible and irreversible change.
Summer- Forces in action - How we see things - Changing circuits.

In June 2012 the school was awarded the science quality mark. This is an award scheme to enable primary schools across the UK to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their science provision. Schools can achieve bronze, silver and gold awards. We are currently working towards the silver award.

This year 5 visited the science museum for a sleepover. The children and staff slept in the museum amongst the artefacts and participated in several workshops. We are already planning next year’s sleepover!