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Wellington Primary School


Our school, Wellington Primary, is located in the vibrant community of Hounslow, we embrace our diverse student population, which includes speakers of 72 different languages, with 90% of students having English as an Additional Language (EAL). In this environment, characterized by low deprivation and a shared passion for learning, our curriculum is carefully crafted to celebrate cultural diversity while ensuring equitable access to education for all pupils and their families. We prioritise inclusivity, recognizing the value of each student's linguistic and cultural background, and strive to create a nurturing atmosphere where every individual can flourish academically and socially. 

Our curriculum is designed to foster a love of learning among all students, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities. Through a language-rich environment and tailored support for language acquisition, we aim to empower students to excel both academically and personally. By engaging with our local community in Hounslow and beyond, we create opportunities for enriching experiences that broaden students' horizons and instill in them a sense of global citizenship and social responsibility. At Wellington, we are committed to ensuring that every member of our school community feels valued, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential.

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