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Wellington Primary School

School meals and refreshments


Children may bring a drink (water not fizzy) and a piece of fruit to eat at the mid-­morning break. Crisps and sweets are not permitted because we believe it is important that children form healthy eating habits.

Lunch time supervisors look after the children in the dining hall and afterwards in the playground.

Fresh school meals are delivered to the school and served in the hall.

Payment for dinners is by a computerised till system, all children having an account paid for in advance.

All children, including those who regularly bring packed lunch or are entitled to free school meals, have an account set up for them. This means that children on packed lunch can opt-­in and opt-­out of having a hot meal at any time provided they have sufficient money in their account.

Packed lunches should be brought into school in a suitable container with the child’s name and class clearly marked. Please do not send sweets, fizzy drinks or glass bottles of any kind. Ideas for healthy lunchboxes are available from the school. Click here for healthy packed lunch ideas.

Information regarding free school meals may be obtained, in confidence, from the School Administrative Officer.

Children going home for lunch must sign out, and in, at reception. They should return to school ten minutes before the afternoon session begins.

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